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Italian DIY Speaker Building  started from here…

In November 1984 the first software, dedicated to DIJ speaker builders, was presented on the pages of AUDIOreview,  to allow the design and simulation of loudspeakers.

Written by Renato Giussani, starting from a handful of formulas stored on his HP calculator, BASS 64, as well as Cross-Pc, was created to allow even the less technical audiophile to try the construction of a sound box starting from solid scientific basis.

Its widespread use was partly supported by the abnormal success of the machine for which it was written, the Commodore 64.

Translated for the DOS operating system, Bass-Pc became the reference software for the design of the lower part of a speaker system, and used by a multitude of amateur builders but also by many professionals.

SchermataThe software, now in version 5, runs both under windows and, via Wine, under Mac Os and Linux, and has all the features of its most popular version, but uses the graphics and power of current computers to make it even easier and fun designing a bass reflex system, a acoustic suspension or a bandpass 4th order subwoofer.

The suite actually use two distinct software: Bass-Pc and Speakerss, which is used to enter and modify the parameters of the speakers.

ConfigurazioneIt is possible to use two loudspeakers in different configurations: coupled, push-pull, with the coils in series or in parallel, and it is possible to calculate and visualize the effect of an added mass and an added resistance, all in real time and with a few mouse touches.

All displayed graphs can be saved or exported to be included in editing or layout programs.






Dowload Quick Start Manual pdf

Bass-Pc 5 can also be installed on Mac and Linux computers. Here are the installation guides:

Download Mac OsX installation guide pdf
Download Linux installation guide pdf


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